UAL2139, EWR to ORD, departing 5:30 AM EST, Dec 12

(Forecast data last collected: 2019-12-11T16:00:00 UTC)

Map of continental US with illustrated flight path and turbulence forecast (described in text below)

Remember: turbulence is sometimes scary, but always harmless. BumpySkies provides this forecast to help make any turbulence during your flight less unpleasantly surprising. Turbulence you do encounter poses no danger at all to your flight's safety.

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  1. Takeoff from EWR at 5:30 AM EST, Dec 12.
  2. 5:31 AM EST: Calm skies for the rest of the flight.
  3. Landing at ORD at 7:31 AM EST.

For best practical results on real flights, try it shortly before departure (or, indeed, after takeoff).

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