The team behind BumpySkies promises to treat any information you share – including the flight information that you search for – with respect and care.

We encrypt all web-based communication with through SSL, which you can confirm via the little padlock icon in your browser’s address bar. Nobody can “listen in” to your activity on this website through network-interception techniques.

BumpySkies does log and privately store details about user activity to help us improve the services that we run, but we do not keep these logs forever. We use automated processes to regularly delete logs more than a few days old.

We do need to permanently store some user data in order to make some services work at all. For example, if you wish to join our mailing list, then we’ll need to know and store your email address. However, we will never permanently store any user data that is not essential to running our services.

We pledge to never willingly share, sell, or otherwise expose entrusted personal or sensitive user data to any third parties, ever.

If you have any questions about how we handle user data, please contact us.