BumpySkies is a free online service that aims to demystify flight for all commercial air passengers.

Currently, BumpySkies uses public weather and flight data to forecast periods of turbulence along the path of any major-carrier flight between any two points within the continental United States. It operates under the notion that expecting these bumpy patches will make encountering them less surprising and scary for nervous fliers.

In the future, BumpySkies plans to add more features to make flights even more transparent – and therefore pleasant – for all. You can stay informed about BumpySkies’ developments by visiting the BumpySkies forum.

How BumpySkies works

BumpySkies gets all its weather data from NOAA, and all its flight data from FAA. When you ask BumpySkies about an upcoming flight, it looks up how the plane’s planned path corresponds with forecasted atmospheric turbulence, and then presents the results to you as both an image and text.

BumpySkies only looks at the next few hours of weather data, and knows about a flight’s planned route only when its pilots file their plan with the FAA. Therefore, it works best to check shortly before boarding. In flights that offer on-board WiFi, you can check while in the air, too!

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